myLuxo is an international and multilingual mediation platform in the field of high quality and exclusive luxury segment, with its headquarters in Germany.

The idea for this platform evolved from the pure passion for products with character and classiness.

From the idea to the foundation and the online appearance, the company myLuxo steadily grew and now allocates, through active representation on social media platforms, a transparent and open image for potential customers.

The luxury of uniqueness is reflected in all areas and facets of myLuxo. The assortment of supplies and products is solely of highest quality. To constantly hold up the striking high level of myLuxo, the positioning of products in the different categories is regulated by a minimum price.

On myLuxo, you can spot a variety of products. Get inspired and explore the wealth of exceptional products from leading manufacturers and providers. The diversity of offers ranges from exclusive sports cars, fancy yachts, extravagant residences, and eclectic jewelry, to peerless unique items.

On myLuxo, we gather products which convene classiness, quality, prestige and sustainability; Products that stand out from the uniform range of conventional markets. Nevertheless, with all thoughts to sustainability: the products on myLuxo are supposed to be fun at all levels. They should have an aesthetic appeal and an exquisite taste; but mainly, they should perfectly suit your lifestyle.

Get inspired by our news with multiple stories and novelties out of the world of luxury. Design your own profile with your products, brands and stories and share them with your contacts in our community. Here, you get a direct connection to the manufacturers and suppliers.

And this is just the beginning! Within the next months, many features will follow!

At the beginning of myLuxo there were two founders, who shared one vision and longed to put their vision into practice.

What unifies us: The desire to establish something, which makes people happy. However, to create a company out of this idea, it needs a strong team.

As a team, we refine myLuxo every day and look forward to receiving your feedback!

To quote Konfuzius:

Choose a job you love, and you'll never work a day in your life!



The highest standards for our quality we ask of ourselves!



The most exquisite marketplace is nothing without content users!



Social responsibility should not be
a luxury!



Because we care for humans
and the environment!

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