Please read this page carefully!

The information and principles will give you, in addition to our general terms and conditions, an overview of what is allowed at and what is forbidden. In order to not violate existing rules or applicable law, please read this page carefully.

In particular, it is prohibited to advertise the following contents (texts, images, videos) as offers, requests or events on

Illegal content (texts, images, videos) as offers, requests or events are:

  • Advertising for other websites and companies, especially e-commerce stores
  • Advertising for auctions on the Internet as well as products for download such as e-books
  • Loans, student loans and financial aid
  • Mobile phone, or phone contracts
  • Pyramid schemes of any kind
  • Vouchers and products that are available for free and offered for purchase
  • Lists, directories, or similar, which contain manufacturer-, distributor- and supplier addresses
  • Inadequately described offers, including general purchase proposals or requests
  • Network Marketing, Multi-Level-Marketing
  • Sweepstakes or betting offers of any kind, including lottery and other gambling
  • Investment, funds, securities, especially equities
  • Toll telephone numbers and SMS services
  • Insulting, offensive or discriminatory expressions
  • Racist, defamatory, violent or unconstitutional content
  • Illegal ads that violate or threaten the rights or health of third parties
  • Pornography, including pornographic and youth-endangering writings or objects

Banned items for both offers and requests are:

  • Objects of any kind, which are stolen, forged or copied without permission, this also includes piracy
  • Drugs within the meaning of the Narcotics Act and Drug Paraphernalia
  • Radioactive substances, poisons, pyrotechnic products, explosives and hazardous chemicals
  • Official uniforms and badges of safety-relevant areas
  • Articles with identification of anti-constitutional organizations
  • Human organs, blood and other body fluids
  • Weapons within the meaning of the Firearms Act, in particular firearms, cutting and stabbing weapons of any kind
  • Ammunition, as well as air pressure weapons of any kind
  • Protected plant and animal species or products made therefrom, without documentation of legality or breeding evidence

Please note that the list of prohibited content and items which are prohibited for legal reasons is not conclusive. Please, when in doubt, inform yourself beforehand whether you can proceed with an article or a service. Also note that in case of international business, additionally, the rules and laws of the country in which the goods are shipped must be obeyed.

Valuable tips for a safe and secure shopping experience:

We make every effort to make the shopping experience on secure and check the Marketplace regularly for suspicious offers and items.

All detectable cases of fraud and abuse are consequently tracked and displayed without exception. Nevertheless, it is particularly important in your interest that you avoid self- responsible and prudent with your customer data.

Inform us with the function "Report Violation" about violations and suspicious ads and / or offensive language, so we can investigate this suspicion.

myLuxo will never contact you by email, phone or post to ask you for your account information or your password.

Please note the following safety notes:

  • Read the description of the ad thoughtfully and check the suppliers contact information for completeness and accuracy.
  • In case the offer is not described in detail or you have queries about anything, please do not hesitate to ask questions. Through the details of the respective ad, you can contact the supplier via the link "Contact".
  • Be skeptical, if the item is suddenly far away from the specified location.
  • Generally, it is customary to pay shipping fees (cars, motorcycles, boats, airplanes, ...) only after inspection and test drive.
  • Inform yourself about the different payment methods.
  • Do not pay without knowing the name, address and phone number of the dealer.
  • Please do not transfer any money for unseen goods. Also, be careful, if the seller under a pretext asks for a down-payment before signing a contract.
  • Do not accept payments via money transfer services, such as Western Union. These services do not provide security and can be used fraudulently.
  • You should always refuse payments by check.
  • Choose a payment method that offers a high level of security, like PayPal.
  • Please Never accept overpayments from buyers.
  • Please always make sure that a written contract is signed, before transactions are made.
  • Use the function "Report Violation" to notify us about violations, suspicious ads and / or offensive language, so we can investigate this suspicion.

Please note the following safety notes as Ownership of content:

  • Your ads should represent your offered objects in a realistic manner and in particular must not violate applicable law, the copyright and trademark law.
  • Your contact information should be as complete as possible. Enter at least your address, phone number, website and e-mail address.
  • Of course, 0190 numbers and other fee-based phone services are forbidden.
  • We reserve the right to remove ads when they are reported by another user or when we have reason to believe that the ad causes problems, violates a law, our Terms of Use or our principles. Furthermore, we reserve the right to remove any ads that we do not consider appropriate or that do not match our Marketplace concept.

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